About Centask

Why Centask?

If you are like us, you’ve tried numerous To-Do list and task management applications, only to find out that it’s just one more “inbox” or “list” demanding your attention, rather than a complete, seamless solution.

At Centask, we believe that the productivity community has been recycling the same ideas for many years, and it is now time to reimagine the way we work! With currently available technology, there is no reason to keep relying on manual To-Do lists and memory. These paradigms do not scale to our upcoming needs.

We challenged ourselves to overcome this problem. We’ve put our product at the intersection of cutting edge technology and user experience, in order to deliver the simplest – yet most powerful – task management architecture possible. A platform that is capable of adjusting to any of your workflow needs, be it professional or private.

What Makes Centask Different?

We developed a new category that we call “task operating systems.” Simply put, we define it as an application unifying every email, document, website, file, and task in one place – equipping you with an efficient way to get through your daily projects and endless To-Do lists without hopping from one app to another. In the process, Centask saves you from the barrage of searches and clicks that just waste your time and energy, and interfere with your productivity.

At Centask, we are focused on providing a complete Workflow solution. Have all your tasks and task-related information organized and accessible in one place, simplified so that you can focus on what  matters the most: your goals.

Who We Are

We are a Los Angeles-based startup with an agile team with many years of experience in technology. Our team members  pioneered the development of products that paved the way to new mass market technologies, including real time digital video compression systems that exist in every smart phone today. We are ready to introduce a paradigm shift to the way you work.

We aren’t just developers, we are passionate productivity practitioners and enthusiasts finding solutions for faster, easier, and more structured ways to tackle your To-Do list and manage your daily workflow. We want you to join us in our mission to change the way people work!