Integrate Evernote and Centask: Your Notes, Right When You Need Them

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Evernote is a powerful productivity tool. Did you know that you can increase its potential even more? By seamlessly integrating actionable Evernote notes into Centask, you can gain a synergistic effect between the two systems, thereby creating your own dream workflow.

Evernote Has Many Features that Make It a Powerful Part of Your Workflow

Evernote has many  indispensable features that make it a powerful weapon in your productivity arsenal. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to handle large databases with ease
  • A simple way to clip and collect information
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Unlimited accessibility through your mobile device, , tablet and computer(s)

Collecting analogue pieces of information, archiving them in one place, making your life fully paperless and searchable are things whose value can’t be overlooked.

It is one thing to collect and store notes from a  whiteboard brainstorming sessions, meeting notes and even notes scribbled onto pieces of paper in your Evernote database.  But when you integrate notes that  contain actionable items into your comprehensive task management workflow as well, you will be amazed at the increased convenience.

Jumping between Evernote and your To-Do list often means duplicating information and creating extra manual labor, which translates into unnecessary time and overhead. Keep reading and discover how to transform your Evernote notes into tasks, in a single click.

The Benefits of Combining Evernote and Centask

Introducing new functionalities to your Evernote notes will enable you to do more, expanding your flexibility, and significantly scaling your output to get things done. Following are just some of the major benefits, to get you started. I am sure you will come up with some of your own ideas as you begin to use Evernote and Centask in tandem..

  • Combine your Evernote notes with your other digital information – Your Centask imported emails, actionable links, files, contacts and Evernote notes can be all accessed from the same app, letting you seamlessly combine the information that was scattered across various different clouds and services.
  • Empower your notes with consistent task management features - Empower your actionable notes to become tasks, enabling them to quickly become a part of a flexible hierarchy that is contextually related to your active task list.
  • Schedule Your Notes for Later – The notes that you need to act upon in the future can be deferred, filed in the system but  hidden from your view. You can refocus your attention to them at the time when it is time to act. Hiding them until the time is right unclutters  your active work pane, improving your focus on the tasks at hand.
  • Make Evernote part of a single app for your entire task management workflow – Whether you have your own workflow, or you use popular methodologies, you can now make Evernote a part of them. With Centask, Evernote can fully leverage all of the benefits of GTD® and numerous other productivity methodologies. Learn how to handle entire GTD® in a single app, and start implementing it today.

Use the  Centask bookmarklet to Integrate Your  Evernote Database into Your Task Manager

You shouldn’t limit yourself to either your note-taking service or your workflow solution. Why not have the best of both worlds? When it comes to productivity, you deserve to get the best out of all available tools, and you can.

Once you import your Evernote notes into Centask, you will immediately  start to realize the powerful potential of keeping all your thoughts in a system that is timely and automatically updated.

Connecting your notes and tasks is as simple as clicking on the browser bookmarklet, and adding a task in your Centask. From that point, you can organize and schedule them so that they are available  when you need them the most.

Action Steps

To integrate your Evernote notes into your Centask, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Install the Centask Bookmarklet
  2. Find a note you need to act upon on the Evernote web
  3. Click the bookmarklet and watch your Evernote item appear in your Centask Inbox

Now  you can enjoy the convenience of having all of your important digital items in one centralized location!

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  1. Keith Collyer says

    That’s cool. What would be even cooler would be being able to send mails (and other items) to Evernote as long term storage. And even better, being able to refer to Evernote content directly from within Centask

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