Working with Gmail

I’m guessing it’s not every day that you adopt a new email workflow. Keeping your busy schedule in mind, I would like to suggest a fast and easy way to start using Gmail and Centask in harmony. Whether you are at the office or on the go, continue to use your Gmail – and in less than 5 minutes, take control of your inbox.

In this sample workflow, you will make one simple change to the way you currently use Gmail. Just add the Gmail label CENTASK to actionable emails that require your attention. Only messages with this label will get imported into Centask so that you can organize and schedule them, along with your related To-Do lists and other active digital items.

You’re all set! Enjoy Centask’s unique features that are designed to quickly empty your inbox on a daily basis … Eliminate the clutter that interferes with your productivity!

It is also recommended to sync all “sent emails” into Centask by adding a Gmail filter to add the CENTASK label to all emails from:me