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Smart Checklist for Google Sheets

Declutter your to-do list and enhance productivity with a free Google Sheets add-on

Features List

Check the box to complete and hide a task

When you mark a task as completed, SheetsToDo automatically hides it from view, reducing visual clutter and helping you stay focused on the remaining tasks.


Type a follow-up date to hide the task until then

The task will reappear on the assigned follow-up date. This feature is useful for tasks that require periodic completion, need a follow-up, or are not urgent.

Type “2 days” in the checkBox to hide for 2 days

SheetsToDo will calculate the date two days from now, and the task will reappear on that date.


Type any single letter to bring back the checkbox.

This is to replace a date or any other none checkbox.

Select “Show All” from the menu to unhide all tasks

This feature can be used to review and search through all of the tasks.


Select ‘Show Active’ to view only tasks that are currently active.

This will also hide any tasks that have been completed or have future follow-up dates.

Add custom columns to the Google sheet

Create columns for notes, links, or other relevant information needed to complete a task.