All Your Workflow In ONE App


Double Your Capability To Manage Multiple Tasks and Emails
One master ToDo list, that integrates actionable emails, files, and links


Inbox Zero Every Day

Long cluttered lists are a thing of the past. Centask operates like a digital stapler, allowing you the flexibility to organize different types of digital items by actionable goals, projects and tasks. Organize your inbox to stay in control.

"Centask is easy to use, intuitive and has helped me organize my email effectively and efficiently. .... it will profoundly influence how you organize your work"
-Dr. Edward F. Knab, Educator and a Consultant

Clear Your Mind

Centask's Universal Inbox provides a simple way to collect everything you need to complete your tasks into a single location. Quickly clear your mind:
  • Collect new tasks and ideas as soon as they come to mind.
  • Drag actionable emails into Centask as you receive them.
  • Click to add new links as you browse the web.
"Within a week I was completely comfortable and impressed with the simplicity and low maintenance of this tool. I immediately transferred over the ten projects and associated tasks from my day job"
-Boby Fussell

Eliminate The Digital Clutter

Schedule an entire project, a single task, an email, or a link to hide it until it requires your attention. Simply assign a “To-Do” date to any digital item; and the item will reappear on your Centask “To-Do” pane on that date/time. This is a powerful tool for eliminating the clutter that interferes with your productivity.

All Your GTD® Workflow in One Simple App

An innovative web app that allow you to organize and schedule all your digital items in a single screen, Your data is accessible everywhere and always backed-up.

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