Organize Your Inbox to Be More Effective

Clear-up your Gmail inbox into a scheduled to-do list with nested emails and tasks.


Work by Goals not by Inbox

Break your inbox into a plan

Simply drag and drop to nest emails and tasks the way you imagine it in your mind, instead of struggling to keep your inbox and todo list in sync.



Snooze single or parent tasks, based on priority, to appear only when you need them.


Focus on your current agenda

Check tasks and subtasks, including emails, as you complete them.

One click to sync your Gmail.


Sync emails from Gmail CENTASK label to Centask inbox.

Loved by these people

“Within a week I was completely comfortable and impressed with the simplicity and low maintenance of this tool. I immediately transferred over the ten projects and associated tasks from my day job”

Boby Fussell

“Centask is easy to use, intuitive and has helped me organize my email effectively and efficiently. …. it will profoundly influence how you organize your work”

Dr. Edward F. Knab Educator and a Consultant

Try it for a few days and we believe it will profoundly change how you work.

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