Your Entire Workflow In 1 Simple App


Centask empowers you to organize and schedule your scattered
emails, ToDo’s, files and links in One App.



One Inbox for Everything

Centask's Universal Inbox provides a simple way to collect everything you need to complete your tasks into a single location. Quickly clear your mind:
  • Collect new tasks and ideas as soon as they come to mind.
  • Drag actionable emails into Centask as you receive them.
  • Click to add new links as you browse the web.

One Place to Organize

Long cluttered lists are a thing of the past. Centask operates like a digital stapler, allowing you the flexibility to organize different types of digital items by actionable goals, projects and tasks. Organize your work to stay in control.


One Place to Schedule

Schedule an entire project, a single task, an email, or a link to hide it until it requires your attention. Simply assign a “To-Do” date to any digital item; and the item will reappear on your Centask “To-Do” pane on that date/time. This is a powerful tool for eliminating the clutter that interferes with your productivity.

One Place to Get It Done

Focus only on completing your important tasks. Enjoy the convenience of having one view for all of your current tasks and their related information. Gain peace of mind knowing that there are no hidden tasks. If it is not in your To-Do pane now, there is no need for you to worry about it now.